Houston woman: Laptop, other items stolen from checked baggage during travel


Michelle Zaid got to her destination and was missing hundreds of dollars in valuable items from her baggage. But the airline she flew has a specific policy regarding what's covered.

Zaid vacationed earlier this year in June, flying American Airlines.

"My flight was from Houston to Austin, then Austin to Dallas, and final leg into Nashville, Tennessee," she said.

During the first leg of her trip, she brought a carry-on bag with her. But when she boarded the plane in Austin...

"They told me that I got to check in my carry-on bag," Zaid said.

That's because her first flight was 40 minutes late.

"They didn't really give me time to rummage through the bag. They gave me a slip and scurried me onto the flight," Zaid said.

Zaid says she was told the plane was full and the bag wouldn't fit. But when she boarded the plane, she tells us there was plenty of room and had her own row to herself.

After picking up her bag in Nashville, she discovered...

"My laptop and few other things were missing from the bag," Zaid said.

A laptop that was only two months old, plus video games and DVDs totaling $425, were all missing. Zaid says she filed a claim with American Airlines.

"All I've got was a letter that says that they're not going to replace the items because it's a laptop," Zaid said.

When we reached out to American Airlines, they sent us their statement of liability covering luggage.

"American does not assume liability for any of the following items in or as checked baggage: computers and other electronic equipment, computer software, stones or jewelry, securities and negotiable papers, silverware, samples, unique or irreplaceable items or any other similar valuable items."

The extensive list goes on and on. However, they will cover some clothing at a depreciated value of course.

Zaid is still fighting with American Airlines, but they are sticking by their policy.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, travel experts tell us some travel insurance policies cover lost or stolen goods up to $2,500.

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