Galveston man shares warning after used tablet sold as new at store


The computer cost $500, and it came in a sealed box off the store shelves from a local Best Buy, but the tablet was actually used and it even contained inappropriate images.

John Miller was not happy with the tablet computer he got from the League City Best Buy.

"I opened it up and it had a cracked screen, turned around to come back and exchange it or return it so I could buy another one somewhere else," Miller said.

But the tablet Miller pulled from the box was an Asus 300, which is worth less than the Asus 700 which he thought he bought and came in an Asus 700 box.

"They told me, 'This is not what we sold you, there's nothing we can do, sorry.' I am out $550, there is nothing they can do," Miller said.

After Miller got home, he turned on the tablet and discovered it held racy images from a previous owner.

Even so, Miller says Best Buy was not going to take the computer back, so he called us.

"All I really wanted was my money back so I can go find one somewhere else. After all the time and effort I put into trying to prove this was not mine by the pictures that were left on here by the previous owner, anything would be good at this point," Miller said.

After Miller called us, we called Best Buy and the company launched an investigation. It appears the computer may have been part of a fraudulent return. A company spokesperson told us:

"We have contacted the customer and offered to refund him the purchase price of the unit. We have already reached out to the League City Police Department and will cooperate with them in any investigation of an initial fraudulent return."

Best Buy also offered Miller an additional $100 gift card.

If you are considering a tablet, it may be a good idea to open the box in the store in front of the salesperson so there are no hidden surprises.

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