Woman tied up during robbery in her home in Pasadena


Even with police making arrests in the case, the violent robbery and attack still has neighbors in the area on edge. Police say Luis Aguilera and Edgardo Aguilera of Pearland robbed and terrorized an older woman at a house in Pasadena.

"It's getting a little worried now," said neighbor Sarah Navarro. "We're going to have to start keeping our doors closed and everything."

Neighbors like Sarah are concerned for their own family's safety, after hearing how the 68-year-old woman was ambushed and attacked.

Eyewitnesses say the victim had just returned from grocery shopping last week when the Aguileras allegedly approached the woman in her driveway and forced her into the house at gunpoint.

Neighbors say the woman told them her attackers tied her to a chair using zip ties and then duct taped her arms when the victim complained the zip ties were too tight.

"I mean, it's bad, bad business, you know what I mean," said neighbor Miguel Navarro. "Makes you want to, I don't know, stay armed up, or something, you know."

Neighbors say the gun-toting robbers threatened to harm the woman as they ransacked her house, stealing electronics, money and prescription pills.

As police continue this investigation, both Aguileras are in jail, charged with aggravated robbery. The victim has moved out. And neighbors like the Navarros say they'll be taking extra steps for safety.

"We're going to be keeping an eye on our neighbors' places, that's for sure," Miguel said.

The victim's family says she's doing well, but the robbers made a huge mess in the house. They say the crooks poured toilet cleaner over everything, trying to erase their fingerprints.

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