New NFL handbag rules in effect for games


How's this for a fashion statement, ladies? If you come to the game at Reliant Stadium next Saturday -- or any NFL game anywhere this season -- clear plastic is what you'll need to carry your personal items, unless your wristlet or cross-body bag is small enough.

Say "goodbye" to your Michael Kors or Coach bag. If you're going to an NFL game, a clear bag is the only full-sized purse you can bring.

"Well it's obviously, clearly, ridiculous," Taylor Brock said, laughing.

The reason for the clear plastic: security concerns.

"Yeah, I know that," Samantha Reyna said. "But still, it looks ugly."

NFL officials say that under the new rule, if you come to game with a regular purse, it will not be allowed inside the stadium. It's something most women have not heard.

Women can bring clear bags. Some are available with the NFL logo or with your favorite team's logo, but be warned: they cost $10.

"You have to pay for it?" Reyna asked. "Really?"

Even though ladies we spoke with understand the needs for security, they say the clear bags have a big drawback.

"Uh, violation of privacy," McCall Keeler said.

"Can you put other bags inside of it?" Cathy Britton asked us.

"No your stuff has to be exposed," we explained.

"OK, so women do have personal items that they do not -- I really do not feel comfortable answering this question. I would not like having this bag," Britton said. "I am just saying I do not want to walk in anywhere with this bag."

If you do not want the clear bag, remember that a wristlet or cross-body bag is OK, but it cannot be larger than 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches. If the bag is bigger, it cannot be brought into the stadium.

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