Seven arrested police sting targeting sexual activity in Memorial Park


Authorities acting on complaints of public sexual activity at Memorial Park went undercover and made several arrests.

Undercover officers arrested seven men on indecent exposure charges at Memorial Park in a sting that nabbed a Harris County sheriff's jailer among them.

The afternoon of August 1 saw steaming hot temperatures at Memorial Park, but for those seven men, it was allegedly too hot to handle. They were arrested in an undercover sting at and each was charged with indecent exposure. That includes Christopher Toomey, who has worked at the Harris County Sheriff's Detention Facility since June 2009.

Park goers we talked to on Friday were surprised.

Park visitor Robert Washington said, "Public sex, to me, is not acceptable."

A sheriff's office spokeswoman says Toomey is on administrative leave until the outcome is resolved.

Meantime, Noel Freeman, President of the GLBT Political Caucus, tells me he supports stings like this one.

"These folks are people who have gone out and they have done something inappropriate and illegal and public," he said. "They don't represent those of us who abide by the law and are responsible."

People out at Memorial Park on Friday support keeping the park G-rated.

Park visitor Marissa Gamez said, "I guess I am glad that there are cops out there that are patrolling around here."

"I don't understand why they would have to do it at a park like this where it's family-oriented or there are kids," said park visitor Darla Gonzalez.

A Houston police spokesman says undercover officers will conduct stings at the park based on citizen or officer complaints, and that there will likely be more stings in the future.

The following men were all charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure: Roberto Conrado, 39; Jose Diaz, 32; Christopher Toomey, 30; Jeffrey Adamson, 28; Gary Robey, 51; Kenneth Brooks, 32; and Steven Carroll, 52.

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