SWAT team arrests man after shooting at mobile home


The otherwise sleepy mobile home park got a dramatic wakeup Wednesday morning. Betty Underwood didn't want her face shown on TV, but she told Eyewitness News that her neighbor opened fire.

"It was just bang, bang, bang, bang -- it was four or five, I thought," she said. "I thought he was just going crazy over there."

As Underwood called 911, Houston police tell us officers arriving on scene were shot at by the suspect, who's been identified as Enrique Gutierrez, 51. No officers were hit.

Police say one female relative, believed to be Gutierrez's mother-in-law was hit, while another person was caught in the midst of the dramatic standoff, crouching behind a vehicle.

Police were able to take the injured woman and the stranded man out from the danger zone. But the standoff continued for around 90 minutes, while neighbors watched in fear.

Neighbor Henry Carrizal said, "I was afraid for my family, my daughter, my kids, my wife."

Finally, shortly before noon, Gutierrez surrendered without further incident. As for exactly how many people were inside the trailer and how everyone was related, police say they're still sorting that out.

"At this point, we do have several people who were in the residence, I can't give you an exact number," said, HPD spokesperson Jodi Silva. "Officers were able to get them out before SWAT got on scene."

Gutierrez has been accused of domestic violence in the past. Police say charges in this incident are pending.

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