Burglars targeting Oak Forest businesses


With the quick swing of a sledge hammer, you can see a group of thieves on tape smashing into a Baskin-Robbins.

Franchise owner Shawn Salyers wants the burglars caught.

"They smashed our front door, and they came in and they banged on our safe for about two minutes while the alarm was going off and I guess they got scared and ran off," Salyers said.

Salyers says the heavily disguised crooks broke in around 4am Sunday. It's the third time the business on West 43rd Street in the Oak Forest area has been burglarized in less than one month.

"They got my TV and cash register the first time. Second time, they identified the safe," Salyers said.

And some workers believe it's the same unidentified crooks who keep coming back. We spoke with workers at several of the businesses in this complex, and they say these crimes are happening so much, it has them all on edge right now.

A video shows a different burglar was caught on tape ransacking rooms at Oak Forest Baptist Church late Monday night. That thief got away with tuition money from the church's school.

Judy Bunosky has lived in the area 48 years and owns a nearby tanning business.

"It's very frustrating and it's very concerning because it's a great neighborhood. Great people, great schools and it's sad that people go into business and other people take advantage of you," Bunosky said.

For now, Baskin-Robbins and other businesses are posting signs and beefing up security, sending burglars a major message.

"We're aware of them and we are looking for them. And we've taken some more precautions to stop them next time if they try it again," Salyers said.

Right now, neighbors are urging anyone with information about the burglaries in this area to call Crime Stoppers.

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