Stylist shares tips for finding best strapless bras


Bras might be one of the hardest items for women to shop for, so in an unscientific test, an expert helps us find what to look for in a strapless bra.

National TV image expert and image coach Sarah Shah is all about helping women look their best and finding the perfect strapless bra is a must to look good in your clothes.

"When you have a bad strapless bra, it can slide down, it can actually spin around. It can create more rolls than you already have," Shah said.

So she took three ladies with three different body types to test three different strapless bras and wear it for 10 straight hours.

"So they went to Target, Soma and La Mode Lingerie, so we have a really have a high-end bra, a budget bra and then something in the middle," Shah said.

Our first tester is Heather Petry. She tested a Bandeau Bra from Target by Maidenform for $12.99.

"It works but and I am still having to push up sometimes," Petry said.

She gave the bra a "C" because she says she found herself pulling it up and it wasn't smooth.

Next up is Tomira White. She tested a strapless bra by Soma Intimates called the Ravishing Push Up for $45. She gave the bra an "A."

"It did not shift. Typically my problem is that it starts to slide down day throughout the day, but with this bra it didn't," White said.

Shah says the bra has a "stay put fit" that keeps it from sliding.

Our final tester is Metra Burns. Her bra was from La Mode Lingerie for $73.80. Her grade for the bra an "A+."

"The bra that I am wearing is a life changer," Burns said. "You are getting something that is worth the dollar and you won't replace it as often because it's durable."

"Getting a great bra takes great support and great engineering and that just costs money," Shah said.

Shah says when you are in the market for a strapless bra, seek out a professional bra fitter.

"A professional bra fitter understands the difference between styles and brands and different figures," Shah said.

And splurge on one or two great bras.

"To stretch your dollar, you actually do better buying fewer expensive bras, very well made bras that fit you perfectly, than a drawer full of very inexpensive bras that just don't fit very well," Shah said.

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