Woman speaks out about deadly shooting at gas station


We're learning a lot more about the woman who pulled a shotgun on a man during an argument at a gas station this weekend. That confrontation quickly turned violent, and then deadly, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

That woman says she feared for her life -- that the man had repeatedly come at her and she was only trying to defend herself.

Shanequia Nicole McDonald, 24, was soft-spoken and even wept while speaking to reporters.

The confrontation happened Sunday night at a Gulf gas station on Cullen near Ward. Investigators say McDonald shot and killed Lewis Daniel after the two got into an argument as McDonald was filling her vehicle with gas. Police tell us Daniel made sexual advances toward her and continued to do so even though McDonald repeatedly told him to go away.

Eyewitnesses say they saw Daniel come at McDonald with a knife. After that you see on surveillance video that she went into her trunk and retrieved a rifle. She appeared to fire to the ground first, and then after Daniel took a swing at her, she apparently fired several more rounds at him. He died at the gas station.

"I just went to the gas station to get gas," McDonald said. "I didn't go out to hurt or harm anyone. I was just protecting myself when it happened."

Daniel's brother tells us he only took a swing at McDonald because she had a gun. Police did not arrest McDonald. She admits she took a picture of Daniel's knife, but she says only to have proof that he was armed.

You can see on the video that McDonald left the scene. Through a spokesperson she said she went straight home, told her mother what happened and that she called 911.

They say the case will be referred to a grand jury, which will then decide whether criminal charges are warranted.

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