One victim in triple shooting crashes at cemetery and dies


Witness Tasheka Woodley said, "The first one was a pop. And then it was a pop, pop. And then it was a pop, pop, pop."

Woodley says she and her kids had just gotten home from Bible study Wednesday night, when the shooting started.

"I looked out my window in the living room, and that's when I saw a white car speed off," she recalled.

That white car, according to sheriff's deputies, ended up a couple miles away, crashing through a fence at Houston National Cemetery. Witnesses said the man got out, said he was OK, then slumped back, still standing, against the car.

"They located a black male driver of the vehicle," explained Sgt. Ben Beall with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "He appears to have suffered at least two gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene."

Back at the Bristol apartments, detectives say officers found two other men who had been shot. They say one of them died at the hospital.

Woodley said, "It's a big concern to me, a big concern. My kids were crying."

Woodley's neighbors share her concerns, including a woman who didn't want to be identified.

She said, "I just sat here and drank my coffee. First shooting, I saw people running and I just jumped up and ran in the house, too."

Bullets were flying in the courtyard, with at least one finding the wall of an apartment.

"Bullets don't have no eyes," the woman said. "So they'll shoot anybody."

"I've heard gunshots before, but when you stay somewhere, you want to be safe. You want to know that you can walk out of your car," Woodley said. "When I see this going on, and I have children, it needs to stop."

None of the shooting victims have been identified. We were told the man who died in the cemetery was 20 years old.

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