Protest held in downtown Houston in response to George Zimmerman acquittal


The protestors made their way to several parts of downtown Houston before arriving at City Hall and surprising a lot of people with their loud outburst.

Several dozen protestors made their voices heard at courthouses in Houston, beginning at noon. Around 1:30pm, they marched the two blocks to City Hall and for the first 30 minutes sat calmly inside city council chambers.

But when it was time for the protestors who had signed up to speak, instead of taking their turns to speak they marched out of council chambers and marched back in.

The chanting caused Mayor Annise Parker to take a five minute break. Police officers on hand escorted the protestors out. Two people were detained.

We asked the protestors why they didn't wait their turn to speak at the microphone.

"We didn't disrupt the meeting," said protest organizer Tofi Taharka. "We just wanted to speak to our representatives, and none of them have spoken out about this national travesty."

The disruption lasted around five minutes. Then city council meeting continued.

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