Houston mom accused of burning son with hot spoon, as well as other abuse


Inside a home on Houston's north side, investigators say a little six-year-old boy suffered constant abuse at the hands of his mother, Jessica Mungia. The prosecutor on the case says it all came to light when the boy was hospitalized for a broken arm.

"When he was interviewed by medical personnel, he indicated that his mother had actually caused his broken arm," said Angela Smith, an assistant district attorney for Harris County. "Additionally he had other lacerations to his scalp and bruises, and he also had a burn to his tongue and his hand."

The 26-year-old pregnant mother of three is now charged with four felony counts of serious bodily injury to a child and injury to a child. We tried to contact other family members about the case, but no one was at the home near Highway 59 and Little York.

Court documents described more disturbing abuse allegations. The boy said the lacerations to the head came when "my mom hit me with a screwdriver."

Burns to his tongue and hand allegedly came from the stove inside the home as the boy told investigators that his mother "heated a spoon on the stove until it was very hot" and then "put the spoon on my tongue."

The yard was also allegedly used to abuse the little boy. When asked about the bites all over his legs he said his mother "made him stand in a pile of ants."

The next door neighbor hopes the mother doesn't return home anytime soon, after hearing about the alleged abuse.

"That is pitiful," said neighbor Clarence Valenteen. "She can keep there and take that boy away from here and put him in a home."

CPS says the little boy and his two sisters are now in protective custody with CPS.

Mungia's bond is set a total of $120,000. She is not allowed to contact her son while the case is ongoing.

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