Stretch of small, busy Magnolia road center of community concern after several wrecks


On this busy Montgomery County road, Taylor Houle is tired of the cars whizzing by.

"I see vehicles speeding at ridiculous speeds," Houle said.

At times, she fears she's leaning on the edge of disaster.

"I can't stand in my driveway, stand in my yard or check my mail without almost getting hit," Houle said.

There was a time when this stretch of Decker Prairie Rosehill Road was lined with brick mailboxes. Not anymore.

"His truck was sitting in their yard and the front was smashed in and was totaled -- just from hitting my mailbox," Houle said.

From close calls to total destruction, Charlie Riley with the Montgomery County Commissioners Office says they've heard the complaints.

"It's taxpayers' money that people are tearing up," Riley said.

It's a curving road with a long straightaway.

"People just drive too fast around these curves," Riley said.

And there's an elementary school right in the middle of it.

"The problem I see is people not paying attention," Riley said.

The road has tree speed limits from 15 to 40 miles an hour. Riley says the road was taken in by prescriptive rights years ago. It's just 18 feet wide and they can't legally take another inch.

"All these people have moved onto these nice, little, pretty quiet roads," Riley said.

The once dirt road likely sees 5,000 cars a day now. Riley says they just put up new signs and will install high intensity striping to try and get drivers to slow down.

"We hope that will help some of the accidents in the curve and going out of the curve," Riley said.

Homeowners hope drivers will hear their message. They are tired of destruction out their front doors and fear next time may be even worse.

Montgomery County commissioners say they request sheriff patrols from time to time, but of course, they can't be there around the clock.

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