Ex-wife, witness testify in trial for boy's 1992 stabbing


The medical examiner's officer testified that there were few clues as to how the boy died or who might have killed him. But the prosecution put two compelling witnesses on the stand.

Sitting beside his lawyer, Obal Cruz Garcia, watched his ex-wife, Angelita Rodriguez, testify against him.

Garcia is charged with capital murder, accused of fatally stabbing seven-year-old Angelito Garcia 20 years ago.

Rodriguez was married to Garcia at the time the boy was killed. The couple knew the mother, her boyfriend and her child.

Prosecutor: "Did you meet baby Angelo?"

Rodriguez: "Yes, a very happy boy."

Prosecutor: "Do you remember the day Angelo was kidnapped?"

Rodriguez: "Yes, I saw it on TV. I was very surprised and told Obel that they boy had disappeared."

The next day she says Cruz Garcia left the country. Finally Rodriguez traveled to find him.

Prosecutor: "Did you eventually see the defendant again?"

Rodriguez: "Yes, in Santo Domingo. I wanted a divorce and said he wasn't going to give me one. He insulted me and said he was going to harm my family. I also asked him about Angelo."

Prosecutor: "Did he answer you?"

Rodriguez: "Yes, that he had killed him."

In the afternoon Carmelo Martinez, who is still doing prison time for drug trafficking, testified he was one of two men with Cruz Garcia the night that Angelo Garcia was killed. He described the defendant as going to look for his drugs and money at the apartment where the boy lived.

Martinez was told to stay in the car.

Martinez: "I saw him walking with the boy in his arms. I said, 'Why do you have the little boy?' He said, 'He saw me,'" he told the jury."

He described a drive to Baytown.

Prosecutor: "What did you think when the car finally stopped?"

Martinez: "I was very scared and I knew he was going to kill the little boy. We got out of the car and he said (to the other man), 'You know what you have to do.'"

A few minutes later, Martinez said, "I heard a scream the little boy. I walked back and saw the boy's body."

The trial continues on Thursday.

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