North Forest HS students optimistic about future


One of the first orders of business was to get diplomas ordered for the graduating seniors of North Forest High School. HISD says the previous district ordered them incorrectly, but the replacements should be ready in a matter of weeks.

The sign outside still says North Forest ISD, but North Forest High School is now part of HISD, as is every school in the former district. Change is never easy, especially for young people.

North Forest HS student Shaquida Thomas said, "Throughout all my North Forest independent school years, I can honestly say I learned a whole lot."

But another North Forest HS student, Detraneise Williams, says it is a change for the better.

"Everything seems to be like a school should be," she said.

Under North Forest district leadership, Detraneise says she was continually enrolled in the wrong classes, putting her way behind schedule.

Parent Deborah Williams said, "We kept going to the office to ask them about it and they kept talking about come the next day."

"I kept having to take the same classes," Detraneise said.

The Texas Education Agency shut the district down for poor academic performance, and Detraneise said today she felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

"Instead of people not helping us, they have a system to give us the right classes and we can actually graduate," she said.

Other students say the school is also nicer-looking, thanks to repairs and new paint that have made it a more pleasant place to learn.

North Forest HS student Zaquinthia Qualls said, "It's better. It looks good. They had stuff all on the walls. The water fountains were hanging off the walls, but it's put together so it's good now." "If you're in a better environment, it'll make you want to do better for yourself," said North Forest HS student Tysheanna Williams.

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