Court employee accused of trying to set up sex with teen


The sting operation started and ended in the same unlikely place -- at the Montgomery County Courthouse. The social media app they were using let investigators zero in on the suspect. It turns out he was just 149 yards away from the district attorney's office.

The incident happened inside the Montgomery County courthouse on Friday.

Prosecutor Jeff Hohl said, "The conversation turned sexual and then there was an agreement to meet for a sex act."

Prosecutors say Donald Huse, 50, contacted an undercover police officer through social media, apparently thinking he was chatting up a 16-year-old boy. Huse at was work, inside the 359th District Court offices.

Hohl said, "The facts suggest here that this was going on at the courthouse under our noses."

As the messages grew more sexual, investigators say Huse pushed for a meeting, suggesting a bathroom he considered secluded, around the corner from his office on the third floor. The meeting there never took place, however, because undercover investigators arrested Huse as he left the court to head toward the bathroom.

Authorities say he admitted chatting with the officer, thinking he was talking to a teen. According to public records, however, he "...couldn't explain why he was speaking with what he believed to be a 16-year-old child about having sex in the bathroom."

Investigators say they want to talk with anyone who might know anything about any other allegations of impropriety against Huse.

Huse is charged with online solicitation of a minor. The county attorney says he's now been fired, and had only been on the job about 60 days. Eyewitness News has learned Huse used to be a teacher in the area, and his teaching certificate has been revoked.

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