Mosquitoes near Spring test positive for West Nile virus


Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services updated a map on its website Sunday, adding the new location. This is the fourth confirmed case in Harris County.

The first three cases were reported in June. First, it popped up in the Atascocita area near Lake Houston, followed by two separate cases -- one in the neighboring Humble area and another in the Baytown area of east Harris County.

Mosquitoes are expected to be quite active until about mid-September. Public health officials say people are most at risk for mosquito bites at dusk. They urge everyone to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats from their property and to take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes.

    Mosquito-Proof Your Property

  • Don't "feed" the storm drains. Sweep up lawn clippings, leaves and tree limbs.
  • Remove/empty any containers that can hold water such as tires, flowerpots and toys.
  • Change water in birdbaths and pet water bowls every 3 to 5 days.
  • Keep rain gutters free of debris.
  • Make sure screens are in good condition.
  • Prevent Mosquito Breeding in Boats

  • Cover your boat and store it in a covered place.
  • Drain any standing water and make sure the bilge pump is working.
  • Invert canoes, kayaks and small boats to store.
  • Personal Protection

  • When outdoors, use an insect repellent containing the active ingredient DEET, Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535 and apply as directed on the label.
  • If possible, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants from dusk on because this is when the primary mosquito (Culex) that transmits West Nile Virus is most active.

West Nile virus was responsible for four deaths in Houston last year.

Most people who are infected with West Nile virus show no or only mild symptoms such as: low grade fever and headache. More severe signs and symptoms can include: high fever, stiff neck, disorientation, encephalitis and -- rarely -- death. If you think you have been infected with West Nile virus, contact your health care provider.

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