Help still available for Hurricane Ike victims


The help is available for people who can not afford the fix ups. In some cases, they may be able to get a new home.

It's been almost five years since Hurricane Ike ravished our area and ripped up Beluah McGregor's home of 30 years.

"The windows were tore in, the screens were all out in the field, the siding parts were off, the roof, a part of it was blown off. It was just a horrible sight," McGregor said.

Unable to make the repairs herself, McGregor applied for a home repair program with the Houston-Galveston Area Council at the urging of her daughter.

"Every time I would get something filled out I'd say, 'I am tired, I am not going to do it anymore.' She would say, 'Keep going.' She kept pushing me and kept pushing me," McGregor said.

The result of that application was a new home.

"I almost collapsed," McGregor said.

Officials with the Houston Galveston Area Council say there are still plenty of homes damaged by Ike that need to be fixed and may even be replaced.

"If you meet the income qualifications, and you owned and were living in the home and it was damaged by Hurricane Ike, there are funds available to assist you to either repair or perhaps even the replacement of your home," H-GAC's Jeff Taebel said.

Taebel says the agency has millions for those meeting income requirements.

"Eighty percent or below the median income, so a low- or moderate-income person is eligible for assistance," she said.

Every county in our area has funds for this kind of help, but some administer the plan themselves.

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