Home invaders terrorize Ft. Bend County family


The family's afraid right now and the crime has many neighbors here on edge.

It's normally an quiet community. But neighbors in Pecan Grove subdivision are on high alert right now after a violent home invasion at a house on Plantation Drive.

"It's definitely scary because this is such a nice neighborhood. It's safe, at least we feel like we're safe, but you just never know," neighbor Corey Brotherton said.

Fort Bend County investigators say three unknown gunmen barged into this home terrorizing a family inside late Wednesday night. Family members say those burglars came up to the back door, kicked it in and startled the four people inside.

You can still see the shattered glass from the break-in. The victims, who were too paranoid to talk on camera, say the burglars forced their way into the home while the family was eating. Two of the female relatives were able to run to a neighbor's house.

They say the burglars tied a blanket around a male relative and snatched jewelry from a female's neck, ordering them both not to move as the crooks ransacked the house.

Neighbors like Gabby Dathe say that type of violent crime's just so out of the ordinary here.

"We moved into this neighborhood, we hear nice stories about it. They have a good reputation in this neighborhood, so we would never expect anything," Gabby Dathe said.

The victims say they believe they were targeted because they own several businesses in the area.

The crooks got away with wallets, passports, jewelry and other valuables. The burglars were last seen scaling a fence and running through a neighborhood golf course. The victims say they believe the thieves had a getaway car waiting for them.

Right now, investigators are encouraging anyone with information about the home invasion to call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers.

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