Carjacking victim tracks down alleged suspects


The intersection of Highway 59 at Hillcroft was where the woman's car was finally spotted after being stolen two days before. The rightful owner filed a report with police, but she did some pretty amazing detective work on her own.

On Wednesday afternoon Monica Terrones went to an impound lot to assess the damage to what was taken from her at gunpoint.

"I feel like crying," she said at the sight of her car. "It's, like, useless now."

Monica was carjacked early Sunday morning at a southeast Houston apartment complex. She was staring down the barrel of a gun.

"When I didn't want to give him the keys to my car, that's when he put it on me," she recalled. "I gave him the keys and he walked away.'

He left in her car with her purse and her cell phone -- big mistake for him. For Monica, it was a way to track him down.

She promised, "I'm gonna find out and when I do, I'm gonna be mad."

Using her cell phone account, Monica tracked the phone's calls the suspect was making. One person called her back to say where the car could be found, directing Monica to a gas station in southwest Houston.

Police were called and there was a brief chase that ended with the car being wrecked. A juvenile and Quintin Devone Brown, 19, were arrested. Monica also found an Instagram picture in which he was posing atop what appears to be her car.

It was a satisfying ending for her, but not necessarily a happy one. Monica's wallet and ID are gone. She wants a new cell phone and her car is pretty much totaled. Even so ...

"I got the guys and they're in jail," she said. "I hope they get what they deserve."

She did get the guys. Brown has been charged with aggravated robbery and his juvenile accomplice has been charged with evading arrest. Monica plans to be at the trial.

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