Camera catches mom with stroller stealing package from Katy-area front door


The homeowner in Morton Ranch was ready to chalk up the theft as a loss until he saw the video of it and the baby who was part of the scheme.

Bruno Lopes wasn't expecting any guests on that day in May, but a few still stopped by, making an unwanted and even unbelievable visit.

"That is terrible, seriously," Lopes said.

It was mid-afternoon when his security cameras recorded what appears to be a mother with two young men on the lookout as they stole a package from Lopes' doorstep. In it was about $600 worth of watches. And the cover was a baby; they wheel away the loot in the stroller.

"A young mother with a newborn over there? That's messed up," Lopes said.

Another angle shows the group approaching and the last glimpse of them shows them casually leaving. Ever since, Lopes has been extra careful about deliveries.

"Every time I order a package now I make sure I stay home," he said.

And he advises others to do the same.

"Put out a note whenever you're ordering a package, 'Knock at the door. If there's nobody home, take it back and bring it the next day,'" Lopes said.

Lopes and his wife have reported the theft to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Anyone with information about it asked to contact them.

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