String of vehicle break-ins over three days in Pasadena


This is one of those neighborhoods where a lot of people still don't lock their cars, and overnight that became a problem.

Victim Lauren Riojas said, "My husband was getting ready to go to work and he said I need you to come outside and check your car because the door is open and stuff is thrown everywhere. We came out here and we didn't have anything valuable in the car."

Riojas' car was one of eight broken into overnight on St. Andrews Street. The surveillance cameras in one neighbor's driveway caught one of the suspects rifling through the vehicle. Neighbors say, strangely, the thieves often didn't take anything from the cars.

"He had golf clubs, they weren't taken," said victim Emily Donihoo. "He had CDs, DVDs, coins in the coin slot -- none of that was taken, so we don't know what they're looking for."

But they did spend a good deal of time going through each vehicle. At least a wallet and a pair of sunglasses were stolen.

Pasadena police believe the suspect's car was a small four door white or silver Hyundai with right side damage. In the past three days, almost 20 cars have been hit.

"We really are trusting," Donihoo said. "We don't have a whole lot of crime here. We have a cop living down the street and we feel really safe here."

But this crime spree has shattered the feeling of safety in the neighborhood, leaving one important lesson.

"No mattter how safe you feel in your neighborhood, you never know what's going to happen," Riojas said. "Make sure you lock your cars all the time."

Police remind residents of that important lesson and to keep all valuables out of sight.

If you recognize the person in the video, you're asked to call police.

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