Suspected shoplifter allegedly shot by store owner in SW Houston


Eyewitnesses say the owner of IMS Beauty Supply and Liquor Store tracked down a man and shot him in the parking lot. Police say the store owner, Peter Onuoha, claims the alleged thief came into his store, stole some merchandise, walked out and headed to a tire shop a few doors away.

Eyewitnesses at a tire shop say they were thrown off guard when Onuoha rushed inside and began pistol whipping the man, yelling that he'd stolen from him.

Those workers ordered the two outside. That's when they say the Onuoha fired several shots at the man, hitting him in the leg with a bullet.

"I was spooked out," said eyewitness Martin Cardenas. "He came in there with the handgun. What if he would have shot at him and accidentally shot somebody else, just not knowing what was going on."

We're told the injured man is a regular customer in the shopping center. Onuoha is charged with aggravated assault.

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