Designer-looking sunglasses for under $10

June 25, 2013 3:19:02 PM PDT
We're helping you get a sweet summer look for less. When it comes to sunglasses, you have to find the perfect pair. But you don't have to spend big bucks to look good. Many of the options are under $10.

The options for inspired designer sunglasses are endless at Target, and Karin Velamurin is looking for a perfect pair.

"They are a nice color and I kind of the like the shape," Velamurin said.

It's easy to spot the designer-brand looks. Jennifer Aniston always sports her classic Ray Ban aviators. The price tag is $145 but Target has the look for less for $16.99. Big sunglasses are always stylish on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, but we found a pair for under $12.

Maui Jim brand sunglasses are popular but pricey, at more than $200 a pair. We found a similar look at Walgreens for $24.99.

But for an even bigger bargain, we turn to Super Saver Tiffany Ivanovsky.

"I love looking at the magazines and seeing what everybody else is wearing right now. I can get the same looking sunglass online for 90 percent less," Ivanovsky said.

Ivanovsky says the site called has daily deals at rock-bottom prices, with plenty of sunglasses under $10.

"It's fun to add to an outfit, if you lose them it doesn't matter that much. You are not heart broken, you can find another pair," Ivanovsky said.

We found a pair of D&G shades for just $9.99, plus free shipping.

Ivanovsky also likes for its huge selection of shades on sale. We found pair of sunglasses for just $3.99 a pair plus shipping, which still brings them under $7. And if you think you have to pay top dollar for polarized, on Amazon, there is a pair for $2.99 and they have great reviews.

But for those who prefer to try on their shades at the store, Ivanovsky says Walmart has some of the best prices.

"Don't discount the discount places for a good pair of glasses," she said.

At Walmart, she found a couple of pairs of kids sunglasses for $5; for the guys a pair of sports polarized glasses for $12; and for the fashionista, a big framed pair for just $5.

"It might not have the same designer brand on the side, but it is going to do the same thing and look the same," Ivanovsky said.

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