Woman caught on camera allegedly stealing packages from home


The crime happened inside the Kings Lake Estates gated community near West Lake Houston Parkway.

Open packages on the porch were the first clue.

"We did not expect to see what we think is an ordinary looking person going through our packages. We didn't expect it," Jason Jodway said.

Once Jodway and his wife, Melissa, arrived back at their northeast Harris County home, they were even more startled to see what their surveillance cameras had captured.

Last Friday, a woman drove up around 5pm in a not-so-subtle yellow Mustang. The homeowner points out a neighbor pulled into her driveway just seconds later.

"We don't understand why she spent 15 minutes on our front porch going through and picking and choosing what she wanted," Jodway said.

That was after she had taken three days worth of mail, threw it in her car, put the top up on her convertible and then started her shoe shopping on the front porch, fishing through the Nordstrom boxes.

"Do you think she was going around to different houses in the neighborhood?" we asked Jodway.

"She went to our house and one other house in the neighborhood that we know of," he said.

Well, the shoes either didn't fit, or maybe they just didn't go with her outfit. She did make off with some nice makeup, but left the shoes behind and a brand new book called "Europe for Dummies."

"I think she's a confused thief. I don't know if she is choosy or not but she's definitely confused," Jodway said.

Then she even tried to continue her shopping spree in the air-conditioning.

"She tries to get into the house," said Jodway. "Fotunately, the door was locked. From what you can see, she's yanking on the door.

Video from security for the gated community shows she tailed a car to get in. Her exit was right back through the entrance. But at least she's friendly, speeding off with a nice wave to the guard shack.

"Apparently, I think someone was yelling at her because she was going out the wrong gate," Jodway said.

The homeowners want her caught as well as deliver a warning to their neighbors. As for any more package deliveries...

"We always have stuff left at the front porch, but I guess we can't anymore," Jodway said.

And going to the mailbox will never quite be the same.

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