Father's Day ideas that make dad, your wallet smile


This Father's Day, think practical. From tie rentals to a razor club and some do-it-yourself products, to keep dad looking great, we have something that won't break the bank.

You might have caught the dollarshaveclub.com commercial that went viral on YouTube with more than 10 million views. The concept is simple: Select a razor, pay a monthly fee, and the company ships it to your door every month.

The online ad caught the attention of Thomas Mondelli.

"I saw the video and it was really funny, and I wasn't sure if it was a real deal or not," Mondelli said.

But it was, and Mondelli has been shaving with the razors for a year now.

There are three blade options: $1 a month that comes with 5 cartridges, $6 a month and the $9 a month. Both the $6 and $9/month options come with four cartridges.

"It's exactly like what you buy at the store. So you have the stick and then the disposable cartridges that you just kind of clip into and pull out," Mondelli said.

The five-blade razors we found at the drug store were priced at $19.49 for four cartridges. So over the course of year, Mondelli is saving more than a hundred bucks. He says the quality is just as good, but it's the convenience that he likes.

"By the time I finish the last blade, I get the new shipment already," Mondelli said.

If dad wears ties, you could give him a membership to freshneck.com. It's like the Netflix for men's accessories.

"At Fresh Neck, what's great is that you have that feeling of going shopping but you actually get to return it. You pay a flat monthly fee and you get to shop as much as you want," Fresh Neck member Jeff Werner said.

You can choose from ties, bow ties, pocket squares and cufflinks. Prices start at $15 a month depending on the level you want to purchase.

"We carry all the brand designers that you know, department store national brands, including Hermes, Prada, Brooks Brother, Gucci," Fresh Neck CEO David Goldberg said.

And for men who want a different look, it's been a money saver and a wardrobe changer.

"I'll definitely order things I wouldn't normally do. And the website gives you the opportunity to match things up," Werner said.

If dad likes to be pampered, check out these great do it yourself recipes on the Live Well Network's Deals page.

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