Prosecutor describes scene, victim of fatal stiletto beating


A prosecutor read the gory details in the case as the 44-year-old stood before a judge for the first time Monday night. She previously worked as a massage therapist and recently moved in with the victim.

Wearing flip flops to court, Trujillo waited for her turn to hear the initial evidence against her. To Houston police, it didn't look good from the start.

"Upon arrival, officer rang the doorbell and the defendant, Ana Trujillo, answered the door with blood on her clothes and on hands," the prosecutor said in court.

And as investigators stepped inside the 18th floor Museum District apartment early Sunday morning, they saw Stefan Andersson lying in the hallway face up and, according to court records, a stiletto shoe by his head.

"The complainant appeared to have about 10 puncture wounds to the head, some being 1 to 1.5 inches deep. He also had 15-20 other puncture wounds along his face and arms and neck," the prosecutor said.

The details were graphic. Trujillo admitted to stabbing the University of Houston research professor, whom she called her boyfriend, because he had grabbed her, she told investigators, and a struggle followed.

In court, she stood before the judge in jail jumpsuit orange. There was no mention of the brand of heel used, though all of it sounds familiar to Jim Carroll.

"She's a strong woman," he said.

He used to manage the downtown motel where Trujillo lived.

"Twice she told me if anybody ever messed with her, she pulled her shoe off and said, 'I'd get them with this,' and it was a big stiletto heel," Carroll said.

Andersson has been with UH since 2009.

Trujillo, a Mexican national, has asked for a court-appointed attorney. Her bond has been set at $100,000.

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