Residents fed up with bad roofing job


Homeowners at Beekman Place say their former management company hired a roofing company to replace their roofs back in 2011. But soon after the job was done, problems developed. Now, they want something done about it before the warranty runs out.

Sam Miller has been complaining about her roof for a while now.

"This has been ongoing for almost a year and a half since they redid the roof," she said.

Miller says soon after her roof was redone, it started to fail, as seen in images with the roof's protective white coating.

"It's the first line of defense to defend against leakage. And it's clearly been breached and damaged," said Lex Pace with Arrow Consulting Corp.

Pace was brought in to inspect the roof and advise on repairs. He says the problems go beyond the protective coating.

"Some bridging at the new skuppers that they installed," he said.

And to top it off ...

"A number of the plumbing vents were clogged up with debris from the roofing operation," Pace said.

Miller says it's not just her roof, but many of the town homes in the community.

"You call and complain and call and say anything and nobody does anything," Miller said.

The roofing project was started under a different management company but now Genesis Community Management oversees Beekman Place. Officials with Genesis say some of the problems were caused by air conditioning repairs which are now fixed. As for the roof repair...

"The board is going to come up with a timeline to get with AVI, the original roofing contractor, and get with him on fixing the problems with his product," said Terry Sears, attorney for Genesis Community Management.

The condo association board is met Thursday to come up with a timeline for when the roofing repairs will being.

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