Easy, cheap ways to make homemade ice cream treats


The stores sell all kinds of gadgets to make popsicles and ice cream treats, but we found by keeping it simple, you can get the same results for a whole lot less.

It's a regular treat at seven-year-old Johnny Barquin's house. But instead of buying individually packed frozen treats at the grocery store, the self-proclaimed dining diva, chef and author, Molly Fowler says you can create your own cool treats at home.

"Very easy, it doesn't even require a recipe. It's just you and your imagination or what you have on hand or what your kids like," Fowler said.

First up is a fresh fruit popsicle. Instead of using fancy popsicle molds, any paper cup and plastic spoon will do.

Fowler fills her cups with an array of pre-chopped fruit.

"Fill them up with our strawberries, banana, kiwi and blueberries. And keep in mind, the blueberries will try to float so kind of bury them underneath," Fowler said.

Then she adds pink lemonade. But if you don't have lemonade...

"In place of the lemonade, you can substitute fruit juice, sparkling water, whatever," she said.

Insert a plastic spoon and then place in the freezer. When you are ready to eat, just cut the cup and peel it off.

Next up are ice cream sandwiches.

"So easy and inexpensive," Fowler said.

Start with cookies.

"I purchased store-bought soft baked cookies, but you can make your own," Fowler said.

Just make sure the cookies are not too crisp or they will break apart.

For this treat, start by combining ice cream with your favorite mix-in in a bowl. Then add your ice cream, top it off with another cookie and smooth out the edges. Eat right away or pop them in the freezer.

And finally, drumsticks are always a crowd pleaser. You can make your own by layering several ingredients. We start by adding Heath bar bits to the bottom, then ice cream, then a mixture of chocolate fudge, marshmallow creme and caramel. Then add one more layer of ice cream and a topping of Heath bar bits. Add the spoons and put them in the freezer.

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