Former teacher accused of sexual assault of child


Kelly Ann Garcia was under arrest and in court to hear the charges against her read out loud. The allegations paint a picture of a romantic liaison between the 29-year-old teacher and a 16-year-old student. The girl wasn't in one of Garcia's classes, but is said to have met her through a mutual friend.

Rather than a teacher-student relationship, the affidavit claims the two even visited an adult store to buy sex toys over the spring break vacation. According to the allegations, the two met for coffee on March 13. A week later they went to Garcia's apartment. Two days after that, the sexual encounters began -- three days' worth described by the female student to investigators.

On March 26, the girl described Garcia as appearing to have an emotional breakdown. The next day, the teacher was sent home from school.

By the end of March, administrators had been told by other students about the alleged illicit affair. The investigation was underway and Garcia was later terminated.

This week, the charges were made official -- sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child. There may be more.

Prosecutor Markay Stroud said, "We do have documents which we'll be receiving which may have additional information."

The affidavit alleges Garcia and the student were still seeing each other while the school investigation was underway. The court ordered there be no contact between them as a condition of bond.

"This is very hard on my client's family right now," said Sam Dick, Garcia's attorney. "This is something nobody expected."

Garcia's bond has been set at $60,000.

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