Good Samaritan shot in head shares his incredible story


The shooting happened earlier this month at a nail salon in north Harris County.

Michael Cade never thought he'd once again shake his barber's hand.

"What you see here is a restoration of what God put back," Cade said.

On May 17, Cade was getting a hair cut from Henry McHenry when gunshots rang out from a nail shop next door. Instinctively, he reacted.

"She yelled, 'Please help me, he's going to kill me, somebody please, please help me!' And at that moment, I just darted out," Cade said.

Suspect Truc Nguyen was trying to kidnap his estranged wife when Cade intervened. This Navy veteran and current reservist relied on his military training until he got shot at point-blank range.

"You were shot immediately?" we asked.

"Immediately," he said.

"Before you even had a chance to grab him or save the woman?"


"But you kept going?"

"That's where Jesus took over."

With at least two gun shot wounds to the head, Cade wrestled the gun away from the suspect, saving the woman's life. Amazingly, Cade was released from the hospital just hours later.

"I'm grateful to be here, to tell the story. Again, if you believe, God he will be here to protect you," Cade said.

Still scraped up with staples on his head, Cade has returned to work. And his barber is quick to call him a hero.

"What I saw Mike do I've never seen a human being do that in my life," McHenry said.

McHenry also helped out by holding down the suspect until investigators arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, Cade is still recovering from a broken collar bone.

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