Man wakes up face to face with burglars at Fort Bend County home


The three intruders are still on the run. The man who was home alone says he scared them as much as they scared him.

Falcon Point is a neighborhood near Katy where you'll find teens on skateboards, manicured lawns and flags showing undying patriotism for those who served our country. That sense of suburban safety however, was shattered Monday morning, just like the glass on the back door of one home on Bayhill Boulevard.

"I'm here, telling you the story! I'm alive," victim Freddie Frique told Eyewitness News. "That's lucky."

Around 9:30, Frique says he was upstairs asleep when he heard voices downstairs. He was house-sitting for his sister and her family and no one was supposed to be in the home. He went to open the bedroom door and was quickly confronted by three men with bandanas over their faces. At least two, he told us, had guns pointed at him at close range.

The men demanded money. Frique says he didn't know where any was and told them as much. He thought for a moment that this was the end. But they didn't hurt him. Suddenly, they ran.

"I think they were surprised," Frique said. "They saw me here and said, 'Hey, let's get out of here.'"

Only later did he come downstairs to find the master bedroom in shambles. Someone ransacked it, looking for cash and valuables.

Neighbors wonder why this house was targeted, and if enormous growth in the area is partially responsible.

"It's not necessarily in this neighborhood, but all over Katy, since it's growing so much, by virtue of just hte number of people coming in from other parts and things like that, it's going to happen," said neighbor Manuel Morales.

This time only things were lost, not lives. It's not clear what exactly the men were able to steal.

The description of the intruders is only vague. They say there were three men with bandanas over their faces. One wore a blue shirt. Investigators are hoping for tips from anyone who might know anything on this one.

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