Party big... and save big too!


If you're a little challenged on how to decorate, don't worry there are several ways you can "wow" your guests while staying on budget. You may need only look as far as your refrigerator or pantry for inspiration.

Dwight Woodbury, s floral designer at Neiman Marcus, showed us how easy it is to turn produce into centerpieces.

For example, you can hollow out a bell pepper, add foam oasis that's been soaked in water and top it with inexpensive market flowers.

Following the same instructions, you can do the same thing with a cabbage. We used spray roses for this project. It's a good idea to hollow the cabbage and leave it in the crisper for 24 hours before setting it out on your table. That way it will last much longer.

Instead of purchasing expensive vases and fillers, Dwight suggests using simple water glasses. He fills them with split peas and coffee beans to add color and tops them with candles.

When it comes to the tablecloth, Dwight says you don't have to spend a fortune.

"I tell people, if you don't have fine imported linens, it's no big deal. A lot of times you can take a bed sheet and I've used it many times and no one ever knows," Dwight said.

If it's a low thread count sheet, just add a piece of felt underneath.

Finally, if you do have to spend money, check out the dollar store. You can find all kinds of beautiful decorations to make your table 'pop'.

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