Memorial Day BBQ meats on a budget


These are the meat markets I grew up on and the reason why you can normally find some great deals is because Hispanic meat markets cater to big families and we all know buying in bulk will save you big.

It's pretty common to find families shopping together for groceries at Mi Tienda off 59 and Little York.

"I think it's about the culture, and if you see all the people that come here, comes with the family, with children," shopper Mariel Parra said.

"We try to keep it as authentic as possible. You know, families -- their entire family, their grandma, their tia, their uncle -- everybody comes and shops at one time," said Nereyda Gonzalez with Mi Tienda.

In fact, the folks at Mi Tienda say the average shopping trip here last almost two hours. But what about the prices at the meat market?

"I drive a long way to come here," Parra said.

Customers say the savings are much better than shopping at a traditional store.

"For the family, yes you get a better deal when you get family packs," shopper Emily Constante said.

The value packs we found are meant to feed bigger families so you get more bang for your buck. We found the best price in town at Mi Tienda for chicken drumsticks on sale for 67 cents a pound and boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound.

But the star of the show at Mi Tienda is the beef fajitas that are always priced at $3.97 a pound.

"We try to have the lowest prices in town," Constante said.

At a traditional grocery store, we found beef fajitas usually about $2 more when they are not on sale.

Over at Matamoros Meat Market in Houston's north side, Grant Winston likes the one on one attention he gets at this meat market.

"They always treat us very good here," Winston said.

He also says the everyday price of the steaks almost always beat the traditional market's regular prices. Take for example, porterhouse steaks for $5.79 a pound or a T-bone steak for $5.59.

"Can't beat it," Winston said.

But what the store is known for is their family packs.

For example, the Roberts Pack. It's six pounds of chicken and beef fajitas, three pounds of sausage, three pounds of chicken breast and five pounds of ribs for $44.99. That's 17 pounds of meat.

Another popular pack is called El Diferente and includes steak, lamb and fajitas. A total of 21 pounds of meat for $53.99.

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