Child abducted walking home from school in southeast Houston


School buses in the Clear Brook Meadows subdivision were followed closely by constable units on Tuesday. The neighborhood of 400 homes is on alert after a child was abducted on Monday. Pasadena ISD police are passing by constantly, and even high school level students were given a warning about strangers.

"To not get into any suspicious cars or watch our surroundings when you're walking on the street," said Deja, a student at Dobie High School.

A girl who attends a school in Pasadena ISD was grabbed while walking in the subdivision after stepping off of her bus and heading for home on Monday. At about 5:30pm, a group of neighbors who went looking for her found her in the woods behind Dobie High School.

Parents are reiterating strict stranger guidelines for their children:

Neighbor John Rendon said, "We'll tell them you're not supposed to go with them unless you hear from us. We even tell them a passcode so if they don't say this passcode, you're not supposed to go with them. Use a passcode only you and the child is going know."

Letters went out to at least 14 schools within a large radius of the abduction site, warning parents about the abduction. Inside schools, kids of all ages were told to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

"We all have to take responsibility to keep our kids safe," said Pasadena ISD spokesperson Renea Ivy. "So our teachers and our administrators, we're all having conversations today with students."

No description of the suspect is available at this time. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Pasadena ISD Police Department at 713-740-0200 or Harris County Sheriff's Office at 713-221-6000.

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