Witnesses rescue woman from kidnapping attempt in north Harris County


The gunfire started off FM 1960 and Aldine Westfield at about 10am Friday. A good samaritan jumped into action when he saw a woman was in danger. His shirt splattered in blood, barber Henry McHenry talks about the violence that unfolded next door at the nail salon.

"I heard a gunshot," he recalled. "By the time I heard it I knew something was going on."

Investigators say a man, seen later bloodied and in handcuffs, initially drove to the salon to try kidnap his estranged wife.

Assistant Chief Woody Mitchell with the Precinct 4 Constable's Office said, "As the suspect comes to the door he shoots two shots through the door, enters the store, drags her out. As he's dragging her out he's confronted on the sidewalk two good samaritans."

The first good guy was McHenry's customer. He ran out of the barber shop and wrestled the suspect onto the ground. In the process, he was shot in the head. McHenry soon followed, pinning the suspect down.

"I grabbed her husband, her guy, whatever, and put him in a choke hold from behind," McHenry said. "I threw the gun to the side. My friend, he got up. I was just sitting here holding (the suspect) in a choke hold until somebody came."

Precinct 4 constables arrived minutes later. They arrested the suspect, identified by his brother as Truc Nyugen. Trong Nyugen couldn't believe what happened in front of his nail shop.

He said, "The police, they cannot let me talk to them, either him or her."

Truc Nyugen is under arrest. His estranged wife is OK and the good samaritan who was hit is expected to be OK as well. McHenry says he's just glad both he and his customer were there to help.

"I was a friend that saw she was about to get abducted by somebody," McHenry said. "I wasn't a hero. I was person who was involved, but I'm no hero. I'm just somebody who didn't want my friend to die, you know."

The wounded man is being treated at Ben Taub Hospital. The suspect is expected to face a number of charges.

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