Employees at northwest Houston bank tied up during robbery


The robbery took place early Tuesday morning at the Wells Fargo on the Northwest Freeway and 34th Street. It isn't a good day when your neighborhood bank is cordoned off with crime scene tape.

"I was just going to make a deposit," said bank customer Chris Clewell.

No deposits and no withdrawals after an unscheduled one before the Wells Fargo branch bank opened Tuesday morning. Investigators aren't saying how a robber got in the building, but he restrained two female employees.

FBI spokesperson Shauna Dunlap said, "He was aggressive with the tellers. They were not physically harmed during this bank robbery. He did get away with cash. It's still very much an ongoing investigation."

The two tellers were tied up without the robber ever displaying a weapon, but he was verbally threatening. He's also said to have pulled the hair of one teller.

It's not known if the man was on foot or had a car near the bank, but he apparently wore an effective disguise. Officials say he wore a straw fedora with a black band, large aviator sunglasses, a bandana used as a mask, a red shirt, and gray pants and carried a black backpack. He was so well-covered it's not known what ethnicity he is, only that he is a light-skinned male.

The bank remained closed for the day and customers were taken by surprise, sort of.

"It is near my house, but this obviously isn't the first time this has happened by any means," Clewell said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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