Man shot, left in street in northwest Harris County


The shooting happened on Ella at Barren Springs Road around 10:30pm. Authorities say the victim was shot in the middle of the street.

"I just heard four gunshots, about 3 to 4 gunshots," said eyewitness Michael Foreman. P> Harris County investigators say at least two suspects confronted a 23-year-old man in the middle of the street right in front of drivers passing by.

One person, who didn't want to be identfied, described what he witnessed.

"I had my kids in the car, to protect my kids, I slammed on the brakes," he said. "I saw the guy holding the gun, immediately thinking in my head, back up or sit still or whatever. Don't get too close."

Sheriff investigators say the suspects shot and killed the victim and left him to die in street. Michael Foreman says he jumped in his car and tried to help.

"When I saw him he was still alive and I touched him, his body was still warm and he was making some noises," Foreman said. "Right when I was getting ready to pick him up, everybody was saying, 'Don't touch him. Don't touch him.' So when they said that, he just took his last breath and died right there."

Foreman says he knew the victim and had seen him at the gas station across the street just before the shooting.

"I was up here selling BBQ sandwiches. I was trying to get him to buy some BBQ sandwiches from me." he said. "I asked him, 'What's going on with you?' He was like 'nothing.' He was like cool and all of a sudden these guys came up here and got into an altercation with him."

Foreman believes it may have been over an incident that happened earlier Sunday night involving a woman. Authorities are using surveillance video from a nearby gas station to help track down the suspects. Meanwhile, neighbors feel this deadly shooting.

Authorities have not identified the victim.

If you have any information on this murder, you're being asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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