Last-minute Mother's Day gifts you can make yourself


Just because you waited until the last minute doesn't mean your gift has to look that way. Here are four ideas you can do this weekend.

We actually made a necklace holder. We bought a six-foot piece of wood and made six of them. You need some knobs, which we found at the thrift store, and spray paint that we already had. Once you paint it, drill the holes, add the knobs and that's it. A cute gift for less than $3 each.

We also made an earring holder out of a recycled picture frame and some wire mesh that you can get at the hardware store. Just cut the mesh to fit the frame and secure it with a staple gun. It cost us just $3.

A third idea was a little more difficult and took about four hours due to drying time, but it will wow the special lady in your life for about $10. We're transferring a photo onto wood. Take a photo that you've printed on a laser printer, cover the wood with gel medium. Add the picture face down and let dry overnight. Using water, remove the paper and coat with mod podge and you're done!


Photo transfer medium
Mod Podge
Wood plaque
Small paint brush
Sponge or rag
Bowl of water


1) Take photo to nearest copy store to have the photo laser printed onto regular paper. Be sure to have it printed in reverse if there are words in your photo.
2) Use a small paint brush or foam brush to apply photo transfer medium onto wood surface
3) Lay photo on wood, right side down.
4) Use a plastic card or a brayer to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.
5) Let the transfer medium dry for 24 hours or according to package directions
6) Use a wet rag to thoroughly wet the photo paper and let sit for 2 minutes
7) Use your fingers to carefully peel away the paper, leaving behind the image. This process can take a while. Wet and peel until all paper is gone.
8) Seal the photo with Mod Podge and let dry.

Recipe for lavender bath salt

½ cup Epsom Salt
½ cup Sea Salt
2 tbsp Dried Lavender Petals
10 drops Pure Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops blue food coloring
2 drops of pink food coloring

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