SWAT standoff in southwest Houston ends with man in custody


Police were called to the Oaks of Ashford Point Apartments on Synott near Westpark for a man threatening to kill his mother. When they arrived, they found the man outside on the balcony, waving a couple of knives around.

Officers went around to the back and rescued the man's mother, who had locked him out of her room from a back balcony. She was not injured.

The man, identified as Vincent Gatson, refused to surrender and held the officers at bay, apparently threatened harm to himself. Police say Gatson refused to drop those knives, brandishing them at the officers.

Authorities tried to negotiate with Gatson, even putting his mother on the loud speaker in an attempt to calm him down.

Gatson, 21, was apparently frustrated and angry. Police say he smashed some glass and again threatened the officers.

At that point, officers moved in closer and deployed some non-lethal tactics to get him into custody. Gatson, they say, appeared to be on some sort of narcotic because the bean bag and the Taser initially didn't have an effect on him. But they took him down shortly afterwards.

Gatson was arrested on an outstanding warrant for marijuana possession. He's not expected to face additional charges for this incident.

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