Ex-Astro Biggio, son making memories on the diamond


Is there any doubt who's son he is? Safely on base, dirty uniform and all.

"He's dad outside the lines and he's coach inside the lines. Once we're on the field, I don't even call him dad, I call him coach, Coach Biggio," Cavan said.

From Astros cornerstone to coach in a flash, we watched Craig Biggio grow up, and now he's watching his sons do the same.

"It's a great feeling as a parent, as a father. You're just trying to create a memory or something that they're gonna remember in their life," Craig Biggio said.

Those memories aren't just good, they're great. Conor, Cavan and Craig Biggio shared two state titles at St. Thomas High, making Craig's decision to leave his playing career behind one of his best.

"Number 1 really. I think that -- you know, probably Number 2. I think choosing my wife would be Number 1. That's the safe answer," Craig said jokingly.

Biggio and his wife know he could have played another season or two. But there just weren't enough of these moments -- father and sons together on the diamond.

"We can't go back in time. Once it's come and gone already, it's over," Craig said.

So, Craig's here instead with Cavan, who will join his brother on the baseball team at Notre Dame this fall. But the greatest gifts aren't measured in scholarships or championship trophies.

"He's a great guy. He's kind of the guy that I set myself out to be," Cavan said.

"For him to pass that compliment along that he wants to be like that, you know as a dad, that's a nice feeling," Craig said.

Craig Biggio likes to tell his children, "You get out what you put into it." He's teaching them about life and baseball. And without knowing it he's also talking about himself and the greatest decision of his life.

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