Get free stuff just by contacting companies and asking them if you can be a tester


From an iPod Nano to a $120 baby exercise toy, blogger Lisa Johnson has received tons of free stuff.

"You can pitch a company -- you send them an email, give them a call and ask them if they can test their products," said Lisa, "One of the best products I've reviewed is the Dyson bladeless fan. I actually reached out to Dyson to attend an event and they asked me if I wanted to review this fan, didn't cost me a dime. In the store it would cost you about $200. But for me, all I did was write a review on it on my blog and post it on Facebook and Twitter."

So, how can you get in on the free action? Get busy online!

"There are many websites out there you can choose from. There's BzzAgent. You can go to that site and apply for that product. They actually give you coupons to hand out to people as you are creating a buzz about the product," said Lisa. " is great because if you are influential on Twitter or Facebook they will send you products and you just review it and you can tell people about it."

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