Pitching Pettittes: Like father, like son


One of the cool parts of doing this series is seeing how similar these young men are to their fathers. Talking to Josh Pettitte is like talking to Andy Pettitte; both their mannerisms and their pitching.

When you are the son of Andy Pettitte in Deer Park, expectations are out the roof. Andy, of course, started there before his career with the Yankees and Astros, and now it's Josh's turn.

"People will always be, 'That's Andy's Pettitte's son,' and I'm like having a dad like that is an absolute blessing. Best man I know, best dad," Josh said.

Andy told us, "Well I am extremely proud of him from baseball and the accomplishments of that and the kind of kid he has been. He has been a wonderful kid for us, has not given us any problems, you cross your fingers when you say that, but he has been a great kid for us."

"I can't imagine that's Andy's son. I think if you didn't know it, when you walk out here, you would never know it unless someone told you," said Deer Park High School baseball coach Christopher Rupp.

Like father like son -- when Josh pitches you can see a little of Andy.

"We are actually pretty similar, but I don't go over the head like him. But our leg kicks and shoulder movement," said Josh. "It's cool because people are always saying, 'Do you compare yourself to him?' It's kinda hard because he is a leftie, but I watch and try to repeat it after him."

This year, Josh threw a no-hitter; something Andy hasn't done in the big leagues. And Josh's next step will be pitching at Baylor next year.

"He felt a peace. I went with him there at Baylor, great coaching staff and men. Just a perfect situation for him," said Andy.

Josh and his father speak before every start and the advice is the same every time.

"Before every game he sends me a long text, telling me get down in the zone, he always sends, audience of one, you are playing for the Lord," said Josh.

Deer Park opens up their playoff run against Dobie on Friday night and Josh Pettitte gets the start.

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