Fitness trainer shares tips to get you in shape for summer


Want a great bikini body by summer? Houston trainer and fitness competitor Dewayne Malone says it can be done.

Callie Bowling tried everything from Atkins to juice diets to exercising for over an hour a day.

"My weight was going up even though I was working out a lot," Bowling said.

But Bowling says just two weeks into the 12-week program, she's starting to notice the changes.

"I have never lost weight quicker in my life," Bowling said. "I'm eating full meals at night and I'm not going to bed hungry."

Malone boils it down to simple science. Eat the right foods seven times a day to keep your body constantly burning fat. And add at least three 30-minute high-intensity workouts a week.

In addition to six hours of cardio a week, Bowling does four weight training sessions a week with Malone.

Bowling's trouble spots are her abs and her backside, but four weeks into it...

"I honestly can tell you I feel amazing," she said. "I did not think I was going to lose fat as quick as I did."

Bowling says it's not easy, but it is possible. She had to trade-in Mexican food and margaritas for asparagus and fish. But now when she slips into that bikini, she'll know...

"This is the best shape I've been in in my life, that's for sure. Mission accomplished!" she said.

Check out some of the best food combinations to eat. Below are the best exercises for getting swimsuit ready in weeks:

Full body workout

  • Walking lunges -- 20 steps per leg
  • Burpes -- 25
  • Pull ups -- 15
  • Dips -- 20
  • Planks -- 60 seconds
Do five sets of each at home, park or in the gym, with a 30-second recovery time between each one. It's fast, effective and safe.

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