Save money by boiling crawfish at home


Crawfish is in high demand during peak season right now.

At Ragin' Cajun on Richmond the owners pride themselves on the quality of the crawfish and the flavor. That's why they say they charge more than their competitors.

Doing it yourself saves you some big money, so checked with the experts at Ragin' Cajun to get a step by step guide to make our own boil.

Dominic Mandola says we need to add a crab boil seasoning to our 10 gallon stock pot and lemon juice while the water starts to boil. Once the water boils, then you add the spice.

Mandola said, "My best thing for the general public is, whatever you think, triple it in spice."

Let the water boil for 30 minutes before you add your crawfish.

"You want all the flavor of the spice to extract into the water," Mandola explained. "That way when you put your crawfish in, it will get into the head and the tail and everywhere."

We picked up all our ingredients at the grocery store for ten bucks and follow our experts' advice and let our water boil.

Once our water has boiled for 30 minutes we add our live crawfish and let that boil for eight minutes. In between batches, we add corn and potatoes and a few minutes later, it's time to eat. My co-workers weren't complaining as they sampled the feast, so it must have been ok for my first effort.

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