Having s phone fixed will cost about 100 bucks. But what if you order the parts and do the work yourself? Is it worth the time and money? We teamed up with Consumer Reports to find out.

When Viviana Robalino dropped her iPhone, the screen cracked. To save money, she used a repair service. But could she have fixed it for even less?

We teamed up with Consumer Reports ordered a replacement screen repair kit for $30 and then watched a 30-minute "how-to" video from icracked.com.

"I recruited people from around the building with cracked iPhone screens. People with various skill levels, from engineers, like me, to complete novices who aren't comfortable working with electronics," Consumer Reports tester Bernie Deitrick said.

We used a phone fixed by a repair service in order to compare the results.

Some of the volunteer-testers breezed through the process. Others not so much.

"It requires a lot of patience. I don't have a lot of patience," tester Theresa Panetta said.

There were lots of steps small parts and fragile pieces. It took most testers about an hour and a half to replace a cracked screen. But for the technically challenged, it took much longer.

So if you're thinking about replacing an iPhone screen yourself, realize it can save you some money but it could cost you a lot of time and aggravation.

Another thing to remember, when ordering parts, you'll need the iPhone tool repair kit. Best advice is prevention! A case that wraps around the edge of your iPhone is a good investment. They start around 20 bucks.

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