Rape kits shipped out for testing


The rape testing kits backlog has been a notorious problem for years at the Houston Police Department, but now the solution is actually occurring.

Two months ago, we showed you the more than 6,000 untested rape kits being stored by the Houston police. At that time, the Houston city council approved a $4 million process that would get rid of the back log. It involved sending the cases to two separate out of state firms so they can be tested, and the backlog cleared in just a few months.

Mayor Annise Parker announced that all the kits have been shipped off, testing has begun and the end is in sight.

"While not everything has been through the testing process, there's nothing sitting on a shelf in the city of Houston," Mayor Parker said. "It's all in progress."

The testing should be completed in a few months. After they're complete, it will be a case by case basis on whether someone could be prosecuted because of the outcome of the tests.

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