Selling clothes on consignment online can be a snap


Of course eBay is the biggest marketplace for selling items, but it takes some work to list items and market your own goods. But now several e-commerce sites take care of all the work for you so you can quickly make some cash.

With a click of her smart phone and an upload to an e-commerce site called, Julie Bortnick listed her Alex and Olivia dress to sell. The reason she's selling -- Facebook pictures of her wearing the dress.

She said, "I absolutely love it. I wore it to a birthday party but because I was photographed so much, I can't really wear it again."

Other items Julie is selling include a red wrap dress, a printed top and a cream cardigan, all sold on

"They make the process so easy, you literally, it took me two second to take a picture and post it on the site," she said. founder and CEO Tracy Dinunzio says unlike other e-commerce sites, this is a snap.

"You can list an item for free in 60 seconds or less," Dinunzio said. "We take care of shipping, so you receive a pre-paid shipping kit, drop the item into it, hand it to your post man and we handle returns so our sellers don't have to."

The website will even clean up your photos to make it look as marketable as possible. You decide the price but Tradesy can help with a recommendation. When your items sell, Tradesy takes a nine percent commission. Obviously the nicer your brands, the more money you make, but the site will help you sell all your item whatever the brand.

For the shopper, expect to save up to 90 percent off the retail price on many designer labels.

We also checked out other sites like On this one you have to be invited, or join for free to be a member to shop and sell. only takes high end luxurious goods and they don't accept everything, but you can swap for other items on the site.

At Thread Flip, the site has items priced as low as 10 bucks and takes in brands from Old Navy to Christian Dior. Something to keep in mind if you are going to sell your clothes for cash online is the service fee. They can go up to 20 percent like we found on Thread Flip.

And finally, a site called Bib Plus Tuck. It's strictly a clothing and accessories swap site, but you have to be invited or request to join.

The best thing a seller can do to make sure their item sells is to take a great photo of your garment. Hang it up and make sure it's been pressed.

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