Two young teens seriously injured in Liberty County ATV rollover accident


Deputies say the teens were riding on a four-wheeler on County Roads 624 and 6242 in Dayton when the accident occurred. Both teens were rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital with serious injuries.

We don't have an update on their conditions, but according to witness Starla Theriot, the accident was gruesome.

"The little girl was laying face forward on the road," Theriot said.

Markings on the country road show where investigators say an ATV carrying five teenagers flipped over Saturday afternoon in Liberty County.

"They were coming around this corner, and they were going too fast and the wheeler just flipped over," Theriot said.

It flipped over on top of at least one of the teens.

"Her dad came up and the other kids were trying to flip her over and they were like, 'No don't move her, don't move her,'" Theriot said.

Deputies say the 13-year-old driver has severe injuries on her left leg. Another teenage girl was injured on her left foot.

"They hurried up and covered up one of the little girl's feet, and they were trying to cover up the little girl's legs because she was bleeding," Theriot said.

The two girls taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by LifeFlight.

Investigators say the other three teenagers in the ATV weren't seriously hurt.

"The little girl kept hollering, 'Please don't be mad at me please, don't be mad at me,'" Theriot said.

Liberty County authorities say the Department of Public Safety is investigating the crash. So far, no charges have been filed so far but that could depending upon the results of its investigation.

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