Carnival to spend $300 million to upgrade emergency power, fire systems


The company is spending $300 million across the fleet in an effort to upgrade emergency power and fire safety systems. The question tonight, will it be enough to lure back customers?

It is the image Carnival wants to go away, the crippled Triumph being towed into an Alabama port. The fire that cut power to the ship also left passengers living with overflowing toilets and no electricity.

On Wednesday, the company released this video of CEO Gerry Cahill who said the cruise line will spend $300 million improving emergency power systems.

"What we are going to do now is install a second generator, and that will give us a greater ability to run more hotel services. We will have increased capacity for elevators, certainly all of the toilets," Cahill said.

The improvements are designed to reassure future passengers that the Carnival fleet will never suffer another failure like the Triumph.

Travel industry officials believe the investment will make the cruise line safer.

"For the most part, the people who like to cruise knows that the cruise line is going to get things fixed," Ray Schutter with the West University Travel.

Schutter recently booked 500 people on a Carnival cruise and Schutter is going on one himself this summer.

"People always ask if you have been there? What do you think about it? And that's why a good travel agent goes places," he said.

The improvements and recent price cuts are enough to attract Amanda Rioja.

"I would like to go on one. It would be fun for me," Rioja said.

Before it's over, the company says it will spend $700 million making improvements to the fleet.

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